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Fazly Azzam

Real Estate Agent in New York City

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What I do

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Real Estate Advisory

With a focus on real estate, I possess extensive expertise within the industry and possess the skills to locate precisely what you desire.


Property Leasing

I hold a valid license as a real estate salesperson in New York State, serving clients in the wider New York region and its neighboring areas.



I assist property owners in evaluating their requirements, establishing effective communication channels with tenants, and identifying suitable services for their properties.


Property Management

My role involves aiding property owners in evaluating their requirements, fostering effective communication with tenants, and identifying optimal services for their property.



As a skilled appraiser, I possess the expertise necessary to prepare a wide range of reports pertaining to property values.


Customer Care

I am highly specialized in the field of real estate with a wealth of industry experience, enabling me to effectively locate precisely what you are seeking.


What Customers Are Saying

"Fazly's professionalism and extensive knowledge have left a profound impression on me. As a first-time home buyer, I am confident that he will guide me meticulously through every stage of the process until I discover the perfect option for my needs."
Anjuli W.
Home buyer
"Through a recommendation from a friend, I discovered Fazly's services. After months of fruitless apartment hunting, we engaged Fazly's expertise to assist us in finding our dream apartment in Soho. His deep understanding of the real estate market and invaluable support have truly made a significant difference in our search"
Min L.
"As a real estate agent with a longstanding connection to Fazly Azzam, I can attest to his remarkable qualities. Not only does he possess vast knowledge of the market, but he also offers expert guidance and exceptional services. Fazly's professionalism and unwavering honesty set him apart from others in the field"
Moore H.
Real Estate Agent

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